Sunday, April 3, 2011


Everyone needs a break from the city one in a while, we know we do. Patrick and I thought it would be fun to scout out some lovely walks close by and what we found were some wonderlands for sure. So here are are a few springtime jaunts in and around NYC.

Trip #1 The Palisades
Can you imagine a land of waterfalls, ruins, and rock cliffs just 15 minutes from the GW Bridge on the NJ Side? Well it exists!

Trip# 2 the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
Sure it's not the best kept secret, but there is no denying it is a magical place. Check it out in the next few weeks for the Cherry Blossom Festival, we know we will.

Trip #3 Sandy Hook Nature Reserve
Our walk took us through a varied sandy landscape with holly forests, cacti and dunes. Then we drove down along the coast to Asbury Park which was a fun place to check out with its Victorian architecture and curious shops.
Anyone else have any ideas for trips nearby?

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    45 minutes from Grand Central. Makes for a wonderful weekend picnic in the maze of gardens. The summer concert series is unparalleled. Check it out!