Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 1: The Beginning of My Peruvian Adventure

Earlier this summer I went to Peru with 3 companions to be inspired by its rich culture and natural wonders. Along with Patrick, Suzanne and Marc, I found a place very unique in this world, and very far removed from my life here in NYC. In these photos you will see the highlights of my expedition to Cuzco, the Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu. In the days that follow I will show you the many colorful characters and beautiful creatures I met, including llamas, alpacas, condors, shamans, dancers, and farmers. This week I will be posting a diary entry for each day of my trip.

Day 1: The Beginning of My Peruvian Adventure
I arrived in Lima late at night, my flight to Cuzco didn't depart until early the next day so I decide to leave the airport for a night on the town.
I went for dinner in Mira Flores, at La Rosa Nautica, which was situated on a pier right on the Pacific. It was magical eating great ceviche with the waves crashing in the moonlight.
After dinner Susanne and I had a Cusquena in a bar located in an old train car in Barranco, a happening Lima neighborhood.
I wish there was more time to explore Lima but my flight left at 5:30 to Cuzco.
When I arrived at the hotel in Cuzco I found Coca tea to relieve my altitude sickness, it worked!
I was tired after 24 hours of traveling, but couldn't resist the urge to explore. The streets were filled with celebrating people as this was the time the Inti Raymi. This festival happenes once a year during the winter solstice.

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  1. Love your post on Peru. I went to Macchu Picchu around 10 years ago and loved Cuzco, once I got adjusted to the altitude. Great photos.