Monday, April 22, 2013

A Day in Fez

This December Patrick and I boarded a plane for a tour of Morocco over New Year's. Our first destination was the mythic city of Fez, in the Middle Atlas Mountains. Wandering through the medieval streets of Fez you will run into mysterious hooded figures, donkeys schlepping all kinds of goods, hidden opulent architecture, and all sorts of Moroccan street foods. Fez is rich in traditionally crafted treasures like spices, leather goods, jewelry and most of all amazing textiles, it's really a step back in time.

Fez is a labyrinth of medieval streets, the entire city center is a perfectly preserved medina, and the souks located there are the markets where you find craftsmen and their shops.  You can get lost easily, so we had a cloaked wizard of a guide, Idriss to help us find our way. He took us to visit monuments and the various merchants in the souk. The highlight was the carpet merchants who were the best sales people I have ever encountered.  I find the Berber carpets the most inspiring; the colors, patterns, and embellishments often over the top, are a dream!

in the souks

in a madrasa

  the copper souk

Place Seffarine

exploring the medina

Our jewel box of a room at Dar Seffarine was the perfect place to collapse after so much shopping and site seeing.

More posts on our Morocco trip coming soon, including The Sahara Desert, the High Atlas Mountains, and Marrakech.

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