Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Adventure Club

This summer was filed with so many amazing adventures, here are a few from a scouting trip for my film/lookbook location in Vermont. Even the drive up their was inspiring.We went there with friends who worked on our film, David Black and Jacqueline Di Milia our photographer director duo, Johnathan Dortch the Editor, Turner the stylist and her boyfriend Jeff who did the graphic design. The next week we went scouting in upstate New York at an equally magical location that was picked in the end. There are so many amazing pictures from this that I have spent months editing them and I still have so many more to go through, everyone went camera crazy even patrick and I, this is because except for a few of us, everyone was a professional photographer. These are all shots I took, their pictures are even better but this is my blog after all.

IMG_0006 by you.

IMG_0014 by you.

IMG_0109 by you.

IMG_0030 by you.

IMG_0037 by you.

IMG_0090 by you.

IMG_0096 by you.

IMG_0103 by you.

IMG_0112 by you.

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