Monday, April 20, 2009

Dossier Store Opens

Saturday I stopped by the new Dossier Store which sells Samantha Pleet or course along with Bodkin, APC, Bless, and Electric Feathers, high end vintage clothing, Jewelery from Pamela Love, and Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons, and small run books, journals, and publications, they even have Plants!

The store looks beautiful, and its just another reason to go to Fort Green on a beautiful Saturday for The Brooklyn Flee Market, Stuart and Wright, Cafe Havana, and a picture at BAM. what a treat!

Here is the New York Times Sunday Styles clipping
with a Samantha Pleet blue dress on the Wall!

Here is the interview on by Erin Dixon

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In the two days we spent with the Brooklyn-based fashion designer Samantha Pleet, the term “Samantha Pleet World” came up repeatedly, but not in an imperious Valentino-like way, nor a wacky “Wayne’s World” way—although she did film a public access-style talk show during our time together. No, visiting Samantha Pleet World is more like being caught in a magical creative tornado. Less than four years after launching her eponymous womenwear label with a homemade look book, the petite designer has become an influential force in the New York creative world. On the fashion front, she has not only developed her collection but also co-founded the eco-fashion label Bodkin, launched the menswear line Patrick Pleet and collaborated with Urban Outfitters on Rapscallion by Samantha Pleet. In her spare time, she directs films, plants tomatoes and dreams up ways to organically expand her design empire. Even with all of this in the mix, the always engaging Samantha was kind enough to invite us into her brand new Williamsburg studio to talk about films, graveyards and the invaluable nature of aimless adventures.

Dossier: So, let’s start with your fall collection. I went to your presentation at the Tribeca Grand, which was amazing, by the way. You tend to use films to introduce your collections rather than traditional runway shows. Why is that?

Samantha Pleet: I love doing films. I think that they’re a really good way of capturing the inspiration behind the collection, showing the world of the collection and making it come to life.

Dossier: And you were originally interested in acting.

Samantha: I used to do acting when I was a child. I went to all the auditions and then I stopped and went more into visual arts. Then I started painting at Pratt and decided that I really wanted to do fashion because it really embodies everything: music, acting…in fashion all those influences come together.

Dossier: So given your background, would you ever act in your films?

Samantha: (Laughs) You know, all this time when I was a child, I thought that I wanted to be an actress, but really I wanted to be a director. But actually, this weekend I’m doing this Pleet TV show. I’m gathering a bunch of the characters that I usually use in my films and we’re just going to kind of play dress-up. We’re going to get all these props, costumes, and I’m going to actually premier some holiday pieces.
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