Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What I Bought in 2008

Here is a list I made for The Fader's Listmania 2008.

Top Eight Things Designer Samantha Pleet Bought In 2008
8. Truffle Salt. My friend Eviana brought this back for me from her trip to San Francisco. It’s so pungent that everything in her suitcase smelled like truffles for months. It’s like powdered gold and makes everything taste better. I also recommend the Sottocenere truffle cheese from the Bedford Cheese shop if you’re into the stuff.
7. Natural crystal sets. These make great gifts and include fifty different crystals, which is a great deal for thirty-five dollars or so. You can get them at Crystallarium on Melrose in LA.
6. Giant handknit wool mushroom pillows from Kenya. I got these at The Golden Calf in Williamsburg. They’re so big you can sit on them, and if you play catch with them you feel like you’re in Super Mario Brothers, which is kind of how I feel most of the time anyway.

5. Venetian carnival hats by Atelier Pietro Longhi. I especially love the Robin Hood version. It came in handy when Patrick needed a last minute Halloween costume. I sewed a wool medieval elf suit for him to wear with it.
4. Twin Peaks season 1 and 2. I just got them last week and I’m hooked again. We don’t have a TV so we’re watching it on a projector screen which makes it even more spooky. If you’ve never seen it, I feel sorry for you.
3. Plane tickets to Berlin, Sicily, and Paris, and LA. Between traveling in Europe this summer, shopping for inspiration as a pick-me-up after the chaos of my show in September, and opening my pop-up store at Space 1520 on Cahuenga (I lived at The Standard for almost a month a la Eloise!), it’s been a busy year, to say the least.
2. A Ligne Roset Togo couch for my new apartment that I am still waiting for. It’s going to be teal felt and so squishy that I may never go out again once it arrives.
1. Obama nesting dolls. I collect political babushkas. Actually, we’re all discussing it at the studio right now—what are they actually called? Anyway, I have the leaders of the Middle East and Russia and some non-political ones, like the Beatles, so how could I resist? I stocked these in my pop-up shop in LA.

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